Untitled Personal IP
Xiangyu che untitled sample

Character Lineup

Xiangyu che untitled 2 1

Another Version of the Knight

Xiangyu che untitled 2 2
Xiangyu che untitled 4
Xiangyu che untitled 5
Xiangyu che untitled 1
Xiangyu che untitled 3

This is my new personal IP that I recently started with a new style when I'was exploring on, and it was obviously inspired by many great dark fantasy games such as Souls series, Diablo etc... There’re five characters at this point and I’ve just finished all of them which is so cool! I might continue to explore something more on this project with keyframes and further world-building etc... Let's see what happens on the next stage!
By the way, this character lineup will be an entry as “Participant of CGTrader Digital Art Competition”. Here’s a link to the website: https://www.cgtrader.com/

More artwork
Xiangyu che ns 2 1Xiangyu che final feudal japanXiangyu che wild west lineup